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Frequently Asked Questions About In-Center Dialysis

During an in-center hemodialysis visit, a patient goes to a dialysis center where nurses and technicians administer the treatment. During this type of treatment, the blood is removed from the body through an access point. The blood is then filtered through an artifical kidney or dialyzer and returned back to the body through the access point. The blood is filtered many times during treatment to remove wastes and maintain body chemical balance.

Although it will vary patient to patient, you can typically exxxpect to come into our dialysis center for a treatment center for 3 days a week for a treatment session that can last anywhere between 3 to 5 hours.

If our experienced staff members feel you maybe able to complete the treatment during your visit we may allow you to conduct self dialysis at our facility. We will be able to provide a more defintivie answer on this option during your first visit. If you’re interested in home hemodialysis then you can learn more at Hemodialysis page

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